Making waves

The women's vocal ensemble "Making waves" (artistic director — Viktoriia Vitrenko) was founded in 2010 in Kiev, Ukraine, as a spin-off of the student choir "KPI". After only a few months, the singers made their début on stage of the Lviv Organ Hall with "La petite fille sage" from "Petites voix" by Francis Poulenc.

Numerous awards in Ukraine and invitations to international festivals soon followed. Among others, the ensemble won the 1st prize at the "Art-Premiere" in Kharkiv (2011) and the 2nd prize at the "Ukrainian Singing Competition after B. Lyatoshinsky" in Kiev (2011). The European breakthrough came in 2012, when they won the 1st prize and the diploma for the "Best Soloist" in the "Singing World" in St. Petersburg (2012, Russia).

With their high artistic level, "Making Waves" conquered European music stages and achieved further success. In 2013, the ensemble won the 1st prize at the "Ohrid Choral Festival" in Ohrid (Macedonia) as well as the diploma for the "Best Expressive Performance" and in 2014 the audience award of the "Floriere vocal de Tours" in Tours (France). Already in 2011 "Making waves" followed an invitation to the "International Church Music Festival" in Kristiansand (Norway) and in 2012 to St. Olave's Church in London (UK) to sing a solo concert in honour of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee.

In 2013 the first CD "Sing for Joy" was released.

In 2015 “Making waves” fell apart due to most of its singers pursuing their career in different countries abroad.  In 2018 the ensemble reunited again to undertake a Ukrainian tour (Kyiv - Odessa - Lviv)  with the Rohrer-Lied-Ensemble, Stuttgart, and Germany (Munich - Stuttgart).

The repertoire of "Making waves" ranges from classical to contemporary pieces and includes arrangements of folk songs, sacred and popular music.


"Art Premiere" Kharkiv (UA, 2011) // 1st prize.

"Ukrainian vocal competition according to B. Lyatoshinsky" Kiev (UA, 2011) // 2nd prize.

"Singing World" St. Petersburg (RU, 2012) // 1st prize and the diploma for the "Best Soloist".

"Ohrid Choral Festival" Ohrid (MK, 2013) // 1st prize and the diploma for "Best Expressive Performance"

"Florilege vocal de Tours" Tours (FR, 2014) // 3rd prize and the Audience award.


Female vocal ensemble "Making waves" performing Lesia Dychko "Petrivochka" from the folk cantata "The Seasons" at the Ohrid Choir Festival (contest part), Mazedonia, 2013. Solo Olena Maksymova.

Conductor — Viktoriia Vitrenko.


Female vocal ensemble "Making waves" performing Ukrainian folk song "Oksana" arr. by Viktor Kolomijets at the Ohrid Choir Festival, Mazedonia, 2013. Solo Maryna Veremenko.

Conductor — Viktoriia Vitrenko.

Russian folk song

Female vocal ensemble from Ukraine "Making waves" performing Russian folk song, arr. Valeriy Kalistratov "A lamantation of orphaned bride on the parent's grave" from "Five bridal songs"

Solo — Viktoriia Vitrenko.


Eight true and enjoyable surprises.


Volodymyr Luciv, "Svoboda"
USA, 2013

sing for joy

      1. Thomas Morley "My bonny lass she smileth"
      2. Pierre Passereau "Il est bel et bon"
      3. Ukrainian folk song arr. by Vasyl Umanetz "The Noise"
      4. Ukrainian folk song arr. by Volodymyr Stezenko "Oh, the Cossack carries water to the mountain"
      5. Ukrainian folk song arr. by Yevgen Kozak "If I had the shoes"
      6. Ukrainian folk song arr. by Hanna Gavryletz "In a deep Malley"
      7. Ukrainian folk song arr. by Mykola Leontovych "Carol of the Bells"
      8. Ukrainian folk song arr. by Viktor Kolomiietz "Oksana"
      9. Borys Liatoshynsky "The Cloud"
      10. Russian folk song arr. by Valery Kalistratov "Bridal Song"
      11. Rachel DeVore Fogarty "I sang for Joy"
      12. Henry Manchini "Moon River"
      13. Bonus