"Maze of Pleasures" (LP) by Maxim Shalyign feat. Viktoriia Vitrenko (voice/soprano) from his last album of electronic music, 2020.

Alla Zagaykevych "MISTO" (2017) on texts by Michaylo Semenko for voice and electronics. Live in Kyiv, 2018.



György Kurtág, 93, is one of the great living composers of classical modernism. He developed his aphoristic style of succinct miniatures to full bloom through consistent abridgement and pointedness.

With previously unpublished works by Kurtág presented here for the first time, this new CD of 22 movements based on Georg Christoph Lichtenberg's Sudelbüchern, scored for soprano and double bass, is a true "aphorism discovery." Also based on a literary model are the Scenes from a Novel op. 19 after 15 poems by Rimma Dalos (soprano, violin, cymbal, double bass). The Seven Songs op. 22 (soprano, cymbal) and In Memory of a Winter Evening op. 8 (soprano, violin, cymbal) appear here for the first time in CD format.

This carefully assembled collection reveals the Hungarian master as one of the most personal artistic voices of our time.

The four internationally renowned soloists — here in the original charming formation of soprano, violin, cymbal and double bass — interpret some of György Kurtág's densest works.


The album explores the theme of love in all of its manifestations: from tender contemplation of the beloved to wild passion bordering on aggression. The emotions range from seduction to mental insanity, from gentle love to lust, from the extremely quiet and slow to the unbearably painful and screaming loud.

          1. From the Other Side Beyond the Mirror
          2. Sexual
          3. Holy Drill
          4. Seduction
          5. Maze of Pleasures (feat. Viktoriia Vitrenko)