Viktoriia Vitrenko is a versatile Ukrainian soprano, conductor and artistic director. Her musical precision and expressive personality particularly enable her to interpret works of contemporary music. Viktoriia's career has brought her to stages across Germany, Great Britain, Norway, the Netherlands, France, Macedonia, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Romania, Switzerland, Ukraine and Russia. Her debut album "Scenes" (2019, AUDITE) with chamber music by György Kurtág won the Supersonic Pizzicato Award and was nominated for the German Record Critics Award (PdSK-2019) and International Contemporary Music Awards 2020 (ICMA 2020).



Ludwigsburger schlossfestspiele

︎Marktplatz Ludwigsburg, germany

Frei Luft Musik as part of the Ludwigsburg Schlossfestspiele, Ukrainian singer and conductor Viktoriia Vitrenko and Ukrainian pianist Olga Wien will perform sensual, sensitive music by Ukrainian modern composers in deep connection with their homeland. Works by Boris Liatoschykskyi, Myroslav Skoryk and Sviatoslav Liuniov.




Oratoric Mob

Stuttgart, germany

The big music participation event in the open air: The Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Viktoriia Vitrenko gives a spontaneous concert with visitors to the Katholikentag of all ages and musical training.


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︎haus der geschichte
Stuttgart, germany

An interdisciplinary evening with music, poems and performance feat. students of the Academy of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart.






"In Haukadalur, the geysers have become surreal earth spirits under Mujila's hand, given voices by Zhao and finally given life by a formidable trio of performers. The Ukrainian soprano Viktoriia Vitrenko with a silvery timbre, expressive playing, counter Daniel Gloger incredibly sovereign in the registers from the lows to the highs and, in a delicately feminine costume, dancer Kai Chun Chuang, who affirmed the androgynous fairytale-ness of this transworld with every turn, every gesture."




The Ukrainian artist Viktoriia Vitrenko glides between speaking, screaming, singing and croaking in the programme called "Limbo". The opening "3 Songs" by the Polish composer Agata Zubel set the dramaturgical tone. The vocal part, which does without lyrics, seems almost existentialist, but its iridescence is all the more moving, which is intensified in an interesting way by the sound of the prepared piano. The clanging, plopping and grumbling of the piano creates a rich spectrum of colour. It is fascinating to observe how Viktoriia Vitrenko really consumes herself in the almost two-hour programme. She sings and accompanies herself on the piano and elevates the whole thing to a performance (directed by Titus Selge). The stage evokes memories of a prison cell with a barred window and a dirty toilet bowl. Wrapped in a blanket, Vitrenko initially crouches under the piano, crawls out and emerges as a living mummy, wrapped in white bandages. Little by little, she reveals herself, repeatedly exposing (made-up) injuries that go hand in hand with a political dimension. This becomes most apparent in Ying Wang's "Illuminations", in which a show trial in China and the Belarusian civil rights activist Maria Kalesnikava are shown in video clips. Wistfulness spreads at the end of Maxim Shalygin's song cycle "Songs of Youth". Echoes of traditional folk art characterise the seven songs with their melancholy gesture, which leads purposefully to the concluding "Agnus Dei", which is designed as a lament with a great final climax.



Perhaps the most lasting impression at the festival, however, was left by Viktoriia Vitrenko's solo performance "Limbo". Not only because the Ukrainian pianist, singer and performer combined several song cycles into a complete work of art. The intense performance also included a video showing Maria Kolesnikova at one of the demonstrations in Minsk. She and Vitrenko know each other well; she dedicated this moving evening to her. Towards the end, she can hardly hold back her tears. Kolesnikova's spirit is present here every minute. No one knows at the moment how she is doing in prison. But she is not forgotten.


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INTERAKT initiative

InterAKT is a young initiative from Stuttgart, Germany, that brings together artists from different disciplines for cross-art projects. InterAKT creates synergy effects by networking young talents. ︎︎︎


Mixed Sound Personnel (MSP) is an ensemble comprised of voice, percussion and electronics. In their performances MSP concentrates on direct contact with the public and engaging it in an interactive process. ︎︎︎


The women's vocal ensemble "Making waves" (artistic director - Viktoriia Vitrenko) was founded in 2010 in Kiev, Ukraine, as a spin-off of the student choir "KPI". After only a few months, the singers made their debut on the stage of the Lviv Organ Hall with "La petite fille sage" from "Petites voix" by Francis Poulenc. ︎︎︎


The duo PITS [Pearl in the Shell] consists of two Ukrainian musicians (Vitaliy Kyianytsia — piano and Viktoriia Vitrenko — voice), who move in the field of new and improvised music. ︎︎︎